Chapter 2: Angels & Monsters

“I’ve seen you before,” Ryn said after a long, drawn out silence. “You come to our shows a lot.” he smiled with a hint of awkwardness....


H.E.R.A.: Helping Earthlings Remember Angels

When self-proclaimed loner and full-time fangirl Hazel, armed with only a light stick saves her favourite boyband member Ryn from a dangerous situation, a strange man claiming to be an angel appears before them! Soon the shy but kind-hearted Elle and the mysterious yet musical Ariana are thrown into the mix, and when the thoughts of innocent people start to take on a mind of their own, the group find themselves having to work together to rid their beloved town of fear and darkness.

H.E.R.A.: Helping Earthlings Remember Angels is an ongoing Menhera-inspired magical girl web-novel by Rosalina Lorraine.